The three service packages offered by IDRC—ExpressAudit™, ProcessAnalytics™, and QRC™ (Quant Research Centre)—cover a spectrum of needs clients may have with regard to their analytics activities (see the table below).

IDRC may come in to streamline or upgrade existing quant processes—or to build flexible, cost-effective, scalable and robust research groups from scratch.

The ExpressAudit™ solution is a low-cost a quick read into client's processes to identify and suggest areas of improvements. Clients' get an introspective insight into their own methods and systems through IDRC's probing, which paves the way for maintenance or upgrade.

The ProcessAnalytics™ solution supports one-time interventions and overhauls of client's analytics activities; these may be aimed at resolving quality issues and/or cutting costs. For example, IDRC's experts may come in to streamline/augment service deliveries by KPOs/IT-companies to their finance and economics clientele, representing either side.

The QRC™ (Quant Research Centre) solution comprises the standards, practices and experience, which allow IDRC to build flexible, cost-effective, scalable and robust research groups (that complement and assist clients' own research and analytics teams). The QRC™ solution also allows to upgrade/consolidate client's existing in-house analytics teams and processes.

IDRC's services, on requirement and preference basis, range from one-time consultancy to ongoing management, employing captive or outsourced units.
Type of IDRC engagement Location of the research/analytics capabilities
'Captive' Outsourced
A quick read into client's systems and processes to broadly suggest upgrades and avenues of improvements in efficiency (the ExpressAudit™ framework) IDRC visits the clients' work locations for a close read into the existing business activities. IDRC interacts and compares the practices with the latest available industry best practices, methods and systems.
One-time consultancy, radical innovation and improvement in efficiency (the ProcessAnalytics™ framework) IDRC undertakes a one-time improvement of client's research/analytics activities. IDRC supervises a one-time start-up / reorganisation / overhaul of client's externally-sourced research/analytics capabilities.
Ongoing management, gradual innovation and efficiency improvement (the QRC™ framework) IDRC manages client's internal, 'captive' research / analytics capabilities on an ongoing basis. IDRC manages client's outsourced research / analytics capabilities (whether housed by IDRC or by a third-party provider) on an ongoing basis.
The research units IDRC builds for the clients are ISO 27001/BS 7799- and ISO 9001-compliant.