IDRC is a data science consulting alliance, present in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, and India. IDRC helps client organisations achieve tangible operational & financial improvements by either incorporating or enhancing the use of analytics in their core business activity. IDRC's domain expertise includes:

  • quantitative & statistical modelling, applied mathematics,
  • data strategy, data analytics, data-driven decisions,
  • scientific computing & applied technology,
  • infographics, scientific visualization, and,
  • related applied web, cloud, and database technology.

IDRC's client segments include:

  • corporates and industries,
  • financial institutions, capital markets participants, and economic institutions,
  • service providers, consultancies, research firms, KPOs, and IT firms.
Industrial Data Research Corporation's principal advantages stem from the synergistic skills and collective experience of its global network of partners.

IDRC offers flexible formats of engagements including short evaluation and assessment exercises (ExpressAudit™), termed consulting assigments (ProcessAnalytics™), and longer-term team development & management for clients' analytics processes (QRC™).

The company serves an increased reliance on analytics across sectors, as well as the increasing tendency to create specialist, quant-intensive functions within the corporate. The separation of quant functions into standalone units has proven a viable model over the last 10 years, and is testified by the rise of analytics consultancies, captive functions and analytics outsourcing.

Industrial Data Research Corporation's principal advantages in the marketplace stem from the synergistic skills and collective experience of its international leadership, which span diverse, but linked areas including applied mathematics, quantitative methods, scientific computing, finance, economics, and management consulting.

IDRC is structured and placed uniquely, with a very focused scale and scope, that leads to an expert and senior-level attention conferred upon the work being done. This puts IDRC squarely ahead of other market participants in Quality — a key consideration for the client in any servicing or consulting relationship.