Saurabh brings technology backbone to all IDRC projects. He has built superb bespoke visualizations and data dashboards, besides bringing forth general management to the projects that has been extremely highly rated by the clients.

Prior to his partnership at IDRC, Saurabh founded a high-impact, low-cost school in the Indian city of Bhopal and ran this institution for more than a decade. Trained as a Mechanical Engineer specializing in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Saurabh has been a process innovator. His school had the highest ratio of 'Staff Salary to Tuition Fee' in the entire country. For a school of 1600 pupils, he had a front-office staff of exactly one person. This was achieved through continuous process enhancement and system reliance.

In the midst of this operational excellence, he also managed to single handedly developed a marriage portal. Started just for activity sake, this turned out to be a profitable business and a socially useful and dependable enterprise. Both these ventures got Saurabh overwhelming praise from the local community.

IDRC clients recognise Saurabh for entrepreneurial energy and meticulous execution. He is also an expert at a broad range of technologies and tools.

Saurabh is based in Chandigarh in India.