Rajath brings at IDRC his experience in hi-tech, microelectronics, digital signal processing, image processing, low-level & chip-level programming, and client-solution architecture/tech-business integration in general.

Rajath is based out of Bangalore, India. Besides his partnership at IDRC, he is heading technology at a majorly upcoming Indian e-commerce business.

Prior to this, Rajath co-founded YourCabs, a tech. and analytics led cab aggregation business that also provided a suite of technology tools targeting customer experience and backend logistics. Rajath has also been the technology manager at Wipro EcoEnergy, Wipro's captive start-up, where Rajath worked to identify new technologies in the area of clean energy, and chalked-up short and long term strategies for the group. He has also worked as a microelectronics expert at Wipro Newlogic Technologies, India, and at Integrant Inc., South Korea. He holds multiple patents in his name. Rajath is an graduate in electrical engineering and postgraduate in Microelectronics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.