IDRC Summit in Istanbul

Notes from the 6th IDRC Summit in Istnabul

The 6th IDRC Summit, a quasi-annual gathering of partners, took place in Istanbul between 04 March and 07 March 2016. Besides being an occasion for discussions on specific projects and plans, the meeting rendered a 'Bayesian' reinforcement of IDRC guiding principals.

As IDRC entered its 7th year since its conception in 2009, specific off-the-shelf products mature, revenue stream grow steadily & surely, and the partners get more entrenched with the clients' engagements as well as with the market in general. Besides the time & effort based core consulting, Murekkep, a Turkish forum was created and handed over, to the CEO & IDRC affiliate Mr Taylan Torin, for business development. It is an innovative bespoke website with superior analytical feature and unique user experience. Check out and relish the experience created by Konstantin Pan and Saurabh Agrawal.

Also a few more ideas, in pipeline for organic adoption & acceptance by the market, were discussed and approved:

Babe Me Up!: An app for women to organise their wardrobe. IDRC is developing this as an affiliate program, for the promoter who is seed funding it.

Tom's Lists (formerly wikilists and more formerly listomania): At the summit, the idea was refined, re-defined, and adopted by Tom Maier. We have a very innovative idea of crowdsourcing all possible lists in the world (will be ever have 'the list of all the lists'?) Up to 4-dimensional lists will be made possible... and held it there, for simplicity sake. Watch out for this one as it emerges organically from the pipeline in the coming days.

Surat Auto: A kind of lean taxi aggregator where IDRC will possibly move with the help of busines leadership and seed funding from an affiliate.

Also at the summit:

Thomas Maier gave a presentation on the institutional investment business, provided an economists perspective on several day-to-day emotions.

Taylan Torin, IDRC affiliate on Murekkep, explained the centrally planned automobile initiatives in Turkey, and also shared his growth strategy for Murekkep.

IDRC had a close interaction with Prof Buket Avci of SMU Singapore, an expert in quantitative operations and process management. Possibilites of her synergistic affiliation with IDRC were discussed.

Further, some corporate level resolutions were made in the long term interest of the company.

History of past IDRC Summits

2011 London: "Diversity & Direction" Thomas Maier, Amit Batra, Alexey Pan, derived the the tenets of IDRC's long-term vision.

2012 Athens: "New Strategies on Classical Foundation" Alexey Pan gave a presentation on the deep relationship of Business and Philosophy.

2013 Frankfurt: "Networked Growth" Thomas Maier elaborated on "Structures for Long-Term incentives".

2014 New York: "Managing the Expexted and the Unexpected" Discussion topics included "Special, client-specific work formats, arrangements, and requests and absorbing them seemlessly.

2015 Bad Homburg: "Taylor-Made Structures" Presentation by an industry expert on "Explainabilty and Consistency as Business Principles".

2016 Istanbul: "The next Level" Amit Batra presented on the Topic "Unlock the 10X".