Eye-Tracking and Gaze Analysis for Consumer & Market

Using our eyes to understand the world around is so natural and effortless that we don’t even think about it. The ‘experiment of seeing’ is free of external interfaces and subjectivity, and so can yield the most unbiased results. It is the closest proxy to consumers’ mental perception, and their focus & attention.

Current packaging & communication research methods lack the ability to measure the level of consumers’ focus & attention on each element of the design. Instead, they depend on participants’ subjective abilities to describe in words, what they see and recall from memory. Methods also depend on researchers’ interpretation of the responses. Even the most carefully designed tests loose crucial information and are riddled with biases and corrupting dependencies.

IDRC offers to fill these gaps through eye-tracking and gaze analysis capability using custom hardware, software, and analytics, to augment your existing researches’ output, and measure your appeal & effectiveness of your product designs, communications, and shelf-layouts. We do so by tracking respondents’ eyes to record gaze sequences and build gaze heat-maps as they spend time looking at various elements of the design copy.

IDRC’s set-up is quick & inexpensive, fits flexibly format into your existing researches. We achieve this by installing our custom hardware kit at your research location, collecting and analysing the data using our software, and analytics tools. (Controlled test environments can currently be setup at two weeks’ notice).

The technique be applied to researching package designs, posters & advertisements (print & digital), web-pages, mobile-apps, and shelf layouts (currently under testing).

A typical deployment of IDRC’s hardware kit for two days, collection of data from 40 participants, and subsequent post-processing of collected data within one week to deliver the gaze heat-maps, is offered for a fee of USD 2400, all inclusive. Other tailored/customised formats may be discussed.

IDRC is a consulting expert in the inter-discipline of quant modeling, data analytics, scientific computing, data visualization, and applied technology. Contact IDRC at For frequent updates, follow IDRC on LinkedIn.

Positions open for Equity Analysts (Update: Now closed)

IDRC is building a Quant Research Center (QRC™) in Mumbai for our New York based client, Risk Advisors Inc. Risk Advisors Inc. provides research and consulting to hedge funds and other financial institutions.

We are currently looking for up to two suitable people with work experience and demonstrated skills in financial data analysis and modelling, Equity Research, and Asset Allocation Modelling. Analysts will report directly to the Risk Advisors’ client-manager and a supervising IDRC manager. Analyst will be required to handle multiple simultaneous requirements, such as –

  • Data sourcing & collation from multiple structured and unstructured sources.
  • Devising data-modeling solutions in Excel/VBA, Matlab, R, SAS, or equivalent.
  • Raw-to-derived data modeling; smoothening and filtering; corporate actions adjustments.
  • Database design and maintenance.
  • Econometric time-series models for risk management and securities valuation.
  • Developing asset allocation models and back-testing asset-allocation strategies.
  • Macroeconomic and Industry/Sector specific research.
  • Notes on important events, news collation, idea screening.
  • Portfolio performance reports, simulations and optimization.

Other details:

Position Title:

Analyst – Financial Data Analytics/Equity Research/Asset Allocation Modelling

Number of Positions:

Up to 2

Job Location:

Mumbai preferred




Market standard based on skills, experience, and qualifications.

Sought Work Experience:

  • 1 to 6 years of relevant work experience with reputed companies.
  • Experience should reflect understanding of financial markets, experience in financial data analysis, equity research, and asset allocation modelling.
  • Experience should have involved authoring research reports and delivering presentations.
  • Experience of working in/delivering to, an international team.

Sought Qualification:

  • Postgraduate in Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Math, Finance, or other degrees with graduate-level math.
  • Certifications in finance such like CFA and FRM.
  • MBA is preferred.

Sought Skillset:

  • Expertise in Excel/VBA, Matlab, R, SAS, or equivalent.
  • Excellent documentation skills.
  • Excellent presentation skills.

To apply:

Applicants can write to us on Applicant must adhere to the criterion sought. Application must include resume and a cover letter or and inline cover note specifically explaining the strength of their candidature (Applications without cover letter or cover note will not be considered).

Candidates are suggested to create a descriptive profile on LinkedIn and follow IDRC on LinkedIn. We regularly visit the list of IDRC followers to match them with our job openings, relevant promotions and campaigns. (To do so, click on top right button on IDRC LinkedIn page).

Note that due to capacity constraints, only short-listed candidates will be contacted back.

IDRC collaborates with ISB Hyderabad

IDRC is collaborating with Prof. Galit Shmueli of Indian School of Business, ISB, to run a data analytics competition titled “Business Analytics using Data Mining”, BADM.

BADM is a hands-on course that provides an understanding of detecting and defining business analytics problems and opportunities, evaluating performance, being familiar with key data mining methods, including data visualization, predictive analytics, clustering and dimension reduction. During the course, participants work on solving business analytics problems using data mining tools and applying them to real data.

For interested independent analysts, and freelance enthusiasts, the competition is also open on Kaggle till midnight IST Dec 22nd. for submissions:

IDRC is a consulting expert in the inter-discipline of quant modeling, data analytics, scientific computing, and data visualization. Contact IDRC at For frequent updates, follow IDRC on LinkedIn